Mahle Motorsports Powerpak Pistons Features and Benefits

Brought to you by JML Motorsport. Welcome to an introduction to Mahle Motorsports Power Pack Piston. Each piston starts off with a lightweight, ultra strong, slipper skirt Mahle forging. The parts are machined on Mahle manufactured equipment designed specifically for piston production. Start off with a completely machined, CNC-machined crown. Then moving down from the top of the piston we get to the ring grooves. Mahle’s ring grooves are the flattest ring grooves in the industry. Increasing ring seal and oil control. We add accumulated grooves to every piston. The accumulated groove helps eliminate ring flutter. Moving down, we do some additional machining to help control oil. We’ve got matte cut ring grooves, doubles up underneath the o-ring groove, lowered drainbacks. Moving on to the pin bores. The pin bores are machined on specific pin bore equipment, CNC-machined square and eliminating the need for any finish honing. All the pins are retained by race proven round wire locks. Each application is also designed with the unique profile and ovality configuration. The parts are then routed through are surface treatment process. The all over grey coating is a phosphate dry film lubricant. It aids in reducing micro-wooding in the ring grooves and galling in the pin bores.

The pistons then have the Mahle proprietary Grafal skirt coating applied to the skirts. This coating reduces drag, wear, and engine noise. It’s also designed to last the entire life cycle of the piston. A few additional features that aren’t necessary on all applications but used where needed would be gas ports, gas porting helps with ring seal, increase the ring seal, hard anodized top ring grooves, a little more aggressive protection against micro-welding, and also on this piston here we have our gold series coating designed to be used in an aluminum bore application. Every power pack piston assembly comes complete with pistons, pins, clips, and rings.Lifetime support, complete customer satisfaction, delivering performance since 1960.